Graduate M.Sc Students

Completed M.Sc. Theses

  1. Rafi Goshen (M.Sc.), “Plasma Anodization of Narrow Band-Gap Semiconductors”, (1982-1984).
  2. Larisa Burstein (M.Sc.), “MIS Devices in Hg1-xCdxTe”, (1983-1985).
  3. Avishai Kepten (M.Sc.), “Growth and Electrooptical Properties of Hg1-xCdxTe Epitaxial Layers”, (1984-1986).
  4. Eliezer Sand (M.Sc.), “Liquid Phase Epitaxy of Hg1-xCdxTe”, (1984-1986).
  5. David Shulman (M.Sc.), “Electrooptical Devices in Heterostructures in CdTe/Hg1-xCdxTe”, (1986-1988).
  6. Ilan Bloom (M.Sc.), “Impedance Spectrum Analysis of MIS Devices in Hg1-xCdxTe”, (1985-1988).
  7. Yehuda Volpert (M.Sc.), “Novel Silicon Focal Plane Signal Processing for HgCdTe Diode Arrays”, (1988-1990).
  8. Nuri Amir (M.Sc.), “MOCVD Growth of HgCdTe Epitaxial Films for Infrared Detectors”, (1988-1990).
  9. Moshe Meyassed (M.Sc.), “Electrical Characterization of Narrow Bandgap Semiconductors by MIS Devices”, (1988-1991).
  10. Ishaiyahu Levy (M.Sc.), “Optimal Design of Thermal System with Parallel Scanning”, (1989-1991).
  11. David Goren (M.Sc.), Heterostructures in the Alloy System HgCdTe”, (1990-1991). (Cosupervisor: A. Bar-Lev).
  12. Aharon Unikovsky (M.Sc.), “Low Frequency Noise Phenomena in HgCdTe Photodiodes”, (1989-1992).
  13. Arie Ruzin (M.Sc.), “Photo-Assisted MOCVD Growth of HgCdTe”, (1990-1992).
  14. Leor Djaloshinsky (M.Sc.), “Wide Band Gap HgCdTe”, (1991-1993).
  15. Gil Asa (M.Sc.), “Metal-Semiconductor Contacts on II-VI Compounds”, (1992-1995).
  16. Evgeny Khanin (M.Sc.), “MOCVD Growth and Characterization of CdTe Epilayers”, (1992-1995).
  17. Claudio. Jackobson, (M.Sc.), “Noise Phenomena in MOS Devices for Charge Sensitive Preamplifier”, (1993-1996).
  18. Moshe Levy (M.Sc.), Co-supervisor (with Prof. R. Beserman as supervisor), “Ordering in Mixed CdZnTe”, (1994-1997).
  19. Genady. Gordon (M.Sc.), “Characterization of Heterojunctions by Capacitance-Voltage Measurements”, (1994-1998).
  20. Roni Elbahar (M.Sc.), “Micro-Electro-Mechanical System for Pressure Measurement based on CMOS Technology”, (1995-1998).
  21. Eran Socher (M.Sc.), “Study of Uncooled Micromachined Integrated Thermal Sensors”, (1996-1999).
  22. Ofir Degani (M.Sc.), “Vibrating Micro-Electro-Mechano-Optical Systems with Integrated Optical Sensing”, (1996-1999).
  23. Igor Brouk (M.Sc.), “Study of CMOS Photodiodes and Low Noise Analog Readout for Visible Photon Detection”, (1997-2000).
  24. Arie Peyser (M.Sc.), “X-Ray Detectors for High Rate Applications”, (1998-2000).
  25. Madlena Ifraimov (M.Sc.), “Statistical, Electrostatic and Numerical Models of Spectral Performance of 2D-Arrays of Gamma-Ray”, (2000-2002).
  26. Arkadiy Morgenstein (M.Sc.), Co-supervisor (with Prof. Uri Dinnar, Biomedical Engineering Dept., as supervisor), “Design and Methodology of ISFET Microsystems for Bio-Telemetry”, (2000-2003).
  27. Shai Feldman (M.Sc.), “Design Fabrication and Characterization of a MEMS Based Switch”, (2001-2005).
  28. Elena Sidorov (M.Sc.) Co-supervisor (with H. Yarnitzki as supervisor), “Reactive Ion Etching of silicon “, (2000-4).
  29. Liby Sudakov-Boreysha (M.Sc.) (with U. Dinar as co-supervisor), “Biocompatible Encapsulation Techniques for ISFETs”, (2002- 2005).
  30. Omer Cohen (M.Sc.), “MEMS display for the retina”, (2001- 2006).
  31. Leonid Gitelman (M.Sc.), “Study of micromachined transistors as uncooled sensors for IR imaging”, (2004-2006).
  32.  Raed Khamaisi (M.Sc.), Co-supervisor (with U. Dinar as supervisor), “Microchannel Flow Device for the Study of Microcirculatory Blood Flow”, (2002-2006).
  33. Tali Nachmias  (M.Sc.), Co-supervisor (with H. Yarnitzki as supervisor), “Deep dry etch (DRIE) processes in silicon for 3D microstructures”, (2002-2007).
  34. Moshe Weinstein (M.Sc.), “Study of micromachined microbolometers as uncooled sensors for IR Imaging”, (2005-2008).
  35. Omer Lavie (M.Sc.), “MEMS Microwave Filters” (with Dr. A. Saad as co- supervisor), (2007-2009).
  36. Eyal David (M.Sc.), “Study and design of RF MEMS tunable capacitor”, (2007-2009).
  37. Tal Zlotnikov (M.Sc.), “Study and design of RF MEMS Phase Shifter”, (2007-2009).
  38. Zivit Gutman (M.Sc.), “Study of CMOS-SOI-MEMS transistors and systems”, (2006-10).
  39. Roee Ben Yishay (M.Sc.), “MEMS Inductors and their applications in low noise RF-CMOS circuits”, (2007-2010).
  40. Shlomo Katz (M.Sc.), “Electromagnetic applications of CMOS-MEMS”, (2008-2010).
  41. Dan Corcos (M.Sc.), “CMOS-SOI-MEMS sensors for THz Imaging”, (2009-2012).
  42. Gal Segev (M.Sc.), “CMOS Phase Shifter”, (2009-2012).
  43. Maria Maliz (M.Sc.), “Study of CMOS-SOI technologies and devices (2011-2013).
  44. Gil Visokolov (M.Sc.), “CMOS Avalenche Photodiode Arrays operating in the Geiger mode (2010-2013).
  45. Yoni Khasin (M.Sc), “Electro-optical characterization of Single Photon Avalanche Photodiode Arrays in CMOS Technology” ( 2011-2013).
  46. Tomer Merhav (M.Sc.); An Electro-Optic Flash Detection System in the visible waveband”, (2011-2014).
  47. Michael Slavenko (M.Sc.), “Study of CMOS-SOI-NEMS THz Sensor”, (2011-2014).
  48. Michael Javitt M.Sc.), “CMOS SPAD for 3D imaging applications”, (2014-2015)
  49. Ayal Eshkoli (M.Sc.), “Design and Analysis of High Performance Inductors for Power Management Applications”, (2012-2014).
  50. Tomer Saraf (M.Sc.), “Study of CMOS readout circuits for thermal sensors”, (2012-2015)
  51. Avi Shoham (M.Sc.), “Fast Optical CMOS Sensor-based Applications and Signal Preprocessing Algorithms”, (2014-2017)

Theses in progress

  1. Maria Maliz (Ph.D.), “Study of Thermal Effects and Noise in CMOS devices and circuits” (2013-)
  2. Alex Zviagintsev (Ph.D.), “Uncooled Passive IR Focal Plane Arrays based on CMOS-SOI-NEMS Technology” (2014-)
  3. Alexander Katz (PhD); “Sensors and 2-D imagers based on the CMOS SPAD detectors”, (2016-
  4. Ayal Eshkoli (PhD); “Electro-Optical System for Automotive Applications based on CMOS SiPM Sensors for ToF Ranging and Imaging” (2016-

M.Sc. Project without thesis

  1. Eithan Sharoni, “Design and Modeling of MEMS hotplates” (2003-6).
  2. Evgeny Poliyaacov, “CMOS capacitive sensing for MEMS applications”, (2003-6).
  3. Eyal Tuaf, “Modeling MEMS cantilevers” (2006-2009).
  4. Roy Shor, “Simulation of CMOS Si Photomultiplier” (2017- )
  5. Constatine Veinstein, Co-Supervisor, Efficient Computing Architecture for Real-Time SPAD-Based Muzzle Flash Detection”, (2017-)