Graduate D.Sc / Ph.D Students

Completed D.Sc. / Ph.D. Theses

  1. A. Kornfeld (D.Sc.), “Semiconductor Technology and Focal Plane Signal Processing”, Co-supervisor (1983–1986). (Supervisor: Prof. I. Kidron).
  2. R. Adar (D.Sc.), “Junctions and Interfaces in Narrow Bandgap Semiconductors”, co-supervisor (1984–1988). (Supervisor: Prof. I. Kidron).
  3. Y. Hait (D.Sc.), “Focal Plane Signal Processing for Staring Infrared Sensors”, (1985–1989).
  4. D. Rosenfeld (D.Sc.), “Infrared Detectors – HgCdTe Photo-Diodes of Various Structures”, (1985–1989).
  5. I. Bloom (D.Sc.), “Advanced Infrared Sensing Focal Plane Arrays”, (1988–1991). (Cosupervisor: A. Bar-Lev.)
  6. L. Goldmintz (D.Sc.) “Focal Plane Arrays Signal Processing for Photoconductive Array”, (1988–1993).
  7. A. Ruzin (D.Sc.), “CdTe Sensors for X-Ray Imaging”, (1992–1997).
  8. N. Amir (D.Sc.), “Interface Studies of II–VI Epilayers”, (1992–1997).
  9. D. Goren (D.Sc.), “II–VI Abrupt and Graded Heterojunctions”, (1992-1997). (Co-supervisors: A. Bar-Lev).
  10. G. Asa (D.Sc.), “CdZnTe Nuclear Detector Arrays for Spectroscopy and Imaging”, (1995–1999).
  11. M. Kobler (D.Sc.), Co-supervisor (with Prof. Y. Yahalom as supervisor), “Coatings for X-Ray Masks”, (1995–2000).
  12. C. Jakobson (D.Sc.), Co-supervisor (with U. Dinar as supervisor), “Noise Behaviour of Generic Ionic MOSFETs”, (1997–2001).
  13. A. El-Bahar (Ph.D.), “Contacts and Passivation for Porous Silicon”, (1998–2003).
  14. I. Brouk (Ph.D.), “CMOS Image Sensors”, (2000-4).
  15. E. Socher (Ph.D.), “CMOS Infrared Imagers”, (1999–2005).
  16. O. Degani (Ph.D.), “Integrated Sensing and Actuation for Micro-Electro-Mechano-Optical Systems”, (1999–2004).
  17. E. Langzam (Ph.D.), Co-supervisor (Supervisors: J. Mizrahi–-Biomedical Eng., Y. Nemirovsky – Electrical Eng.; Advisor: D. Elata – Mechanical Eng.,) “Dynamic Monitoring for Application of Electro-Mechanical Devices in the Musculo-Skeletal System”, (7/2002–2007).
  18. A. Bransky (Ph.D.), Co-supervisor (with U. Dinar as supervisor), “Laser detection of blood cells flowing in silicon microchannels”, (2003–2007).
  19. Oren Aharon (Ph.D.), “Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems for Communication Applications”, (2003-2009).
  20. Ariel Shemesh (Ph.D.), Co-supervisor (with Y. Eichen as supervisor), “MEMS based cantilever sensors”, (2008-2013).
  21. Vitali Savuskan (Ph.D.), “CMOS in pixel readout for Avalanche Photodiode Arrays the Geiger mode”, (2010-2015).
  22. Alex Svetlitza (Ph.D.), “CMOS-SOI-MEMS Thermal Antenna for THz Imaging”,  (2010-2015).
  23. Evgeny Pikhay (Ph.D.) “Investigation of radiation influence on nano-scale CMOS”, (2011-2016).